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Hi, kids!

Because I like to find any reason to procrastinate with my PowerPoint presentations, I decided to fix up the userinfo and whatnot of the community, maybe try and revive the community, even. So! You guys can comment, make your own post, give a quick (or not-so-quick) update on how you and the horses are doing.

Rio's doing good! I hardly ride as of late, but I go out with my sister nearly every other day and pretty much act like the over-powering trainer that I like to pull so I can grab a big ego. Kidding! But he's good, he hasn't been shown since .. last October, actually. I'm not planning on any shows larger than the ones held at our barn, but that's alright. I've got school and whatnot on my mind at the moment. ( running with the 4.41 GPA now. 8) Rock on, senior year.)

So, how's everyone else been? Update me, please.
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