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the tack room, bebe.

The Tack Room.
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Welcome to thetackroom ; originally formed to suit to egostistical needs of AOL's message board, The Tack Room carries on the random conversations, update on the horses, etc. is now open for all livejournal users. As like any Tack Room, its a mess of random things, so feel free to post nearly anything in here, within reason of course.

A few guidelines to follow to keep things running smoothly:
001. No repetitive posts. This includes pointless updates (quizzes, Meme-Gens unrelated to the equine world)that could otherwise be submitted to your own personal journal.
002. No overly vulgar material. This includes language (minors flock around here!), photos (no pornographic images, please. again with the minors!), and anything else that could be considered 'inappropriate' or offensive to members of thetackroom.
003. Respect all members! This cannot be emphasized enough. Please show proper respect to all members of the community. Get to know them! Catch them on AIM, or even add members to your friends list if you find you have something in common.
004. Cut-tags. All photos must be put under a cut-tag! Instructions here.
005. Comment. Comment entries when they are submitted. Everyone loves seeing a reply to something they have written. `it shows they care.`
006. Have a good time. It's a lighthearted community; feel free to share funny, entertaining stories with the community. Polls, surveys, photos!

After a few mishaps, we've decided to make The Tack Room 'moderated membership'. So if you're interested in joining, please contact the moderators: modesty_ & cutecat47. We'll gladly add you, if you'll message either journal, or on AIM: a vacation away or cutecat47.