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For a bit there I thought you dropped off the face of the earth!! So glad to hear about the stellar GPA, i think that is really fantastic. Glad to know Rio is doing well too.

What's new... hmmm. Well, I sold mango. She is no longer my property, now belongs to a 10 year old girl who adores her and will be showing her. She is also going to be bred to a 16 hh chestnut appy stud with a blanket in February. I don't know his exact bloodlines, but they're going to name the baby "coconut" to keep with the fruity name thing. Ahhh, the legacies i leave. Haha. Anyways, they can't actually keep the baby (which makes me wonder why they're breeding in the first place) but they've offered to give it to me or my trainer. So i may have a new project when i graduate college. Oh boy ... a baby mango, the trouble i'm in for. Maybe i can make it into a polo pony ;)

Let's see. School is kicking my ass. Its starting to piss me off too because contrary to last year, i'm actually working really hard this year, haven't been partying much at all. In fact, i feel like my life consists of studying, computers, and sometimes sleep. It's very frusterating. I've been extremely depressed lately and i just feel like i've lost my direction in life and that i'm stupid and useless. I don't have my usual outlet of goign to the barn and seeign mango either because she's gone and i'm in texas. I do still have polo but i haven't been able to do that for awhile either. Plus, my complete lack of polo knowledge is beginning to bother me as well. I miss showing like hell and i miss mango even more. I feel like a large part of my life is missing. Also, my computer and aol haven't worked all semester, so i don't even have the boards to live vicariously through everyone else's showing experiences. Anyways, i'm sorry for dumping that on you guys, especially since most of us haven't talked in ages, but you guys were always there for me and i miss that alot. I'm just really sad and lonely and i just want to go home for awhile. Anyways, i still love you all and if you ever have problems, or exciting news or just want to talk, PLEASE im me, i love to hear from you.

<3 lina
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