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Facebook group [02 Feb 2009|10:21am]

I just found this thing again and feel rather silly I have missed it all these months. I'm a bad - depressive LJ user, frankly.

But! If you're a member here and were part of The Tack Room on AOL, you may be interested in knowing that we have a new Facebook group which has been quite active for a couple of years now. The group is private, so you will need to be cleared with an admin in order to join. It is called "The Tack Room Rocked My Sixth Grade Soul."


-— MaryAshley Phelps Gredell

[22 Mar 2006|12:43pm]

Alright girls... I don't even know if any of you still look at this dang thing but I need some updatage!! There are a few of you who I manage to keep up with through MySpace/LJ/Facebook etc. but I haven't heard from some of you in forever! I just want to know how everyone is doing! What have you been up to? What are you doing in the horse world nowadays? What are you plans for your horsey future and otherwise?

I haven't been doing much. I'm a freaking JUNIOR at A&M now. Working my way slowly towards physical therapy or occupational therapy school. I'm also considering a career in recreational therapy or athletic training. Time will tell. I plan on applying to PT school at the University of Southern California, University of Colorado, University of Montana, Texas State University, Texas Tech and University of Texas-Southwestern branch in Dallas. Probably won't get into any of those programs, but it's worth a try! If i'm rejected from PT school the first go-round my plan is to join the peace corps in the south pacific for a year and then reapply or just do grad school.

I quit polo so my life is rather horseless right now which I find tragic. I may free lease a 4 year old QH/appy cross and just put some finishing touches on him for his owner who doesn't have time. I think when I graduate college, I'm going to look into taking some 3 day eventing lessons. I've been dying to do that for awhile, and I figure now, while i'm still young and supple is probably a good opportunity.

Basically I'm kind of floating around right now, just getting by and enjoying what comes my way! No new boys in my life (are there ever?) I decided I'll just start dating when i'm about 40 and i have all my other shit figured out. Anyways, i do miss y'all. Hope life is being kind :)

[27 Jun 2005|07:37pm]


Hello I haven't been around for a while to post anything so what better way than some beautiful summer fun shots!


Few more...Collapse )

Hope you enjoy!



[x-posted] [23 Mar 2005|06:10pm]

Is anyone interested in purchasing a raised running martingale, cob/small horse size?
Only used once and in excellent overall condition.
A bit dirty, but nothing a little Lexol or Leather New can't cure (will be cleaned before shipment).
Purchased about 5 years ago at State Line Tack in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Needs conditioning, probably a good soak (mabye overnight) in some leather oil.
Martingale donut ring not included.
Havana in color.
Stainless steel hardware.
Brand unknown, could be Nottingham or SLT brand.
Crafted of 1" wide leather with full raising forks.
For being stashed on a hook for 5 years its considerably durable.

If you are interested, I am looking to sell it for no less than $40
Please email me at: xshatteredtears@yahoo.com

picturesCollapse )

[23 Mar 2005|11:48am]

I've been searching for something that was honestly different from all the
"natural training" that's out there. I wanted some way to develop a truly
trusting relationship with my horses but couldn't seem to quite "reach them" no
matter what I did (or didn't do.) Now I know why, and I understand why so many
horse owners are still having so many "problems" with their horses.

I've emailed and talked with the creator (and personal coach) who offers a
unique Distance Learning program with daily email support and guidance. I've
also talked with others who have "tried everything under the sun" before using
Friendship Training and am convinced it is what my horses and I have so
desperately needed all along.

No Round Pens. No whips. No Sticks. No Clickers. No Gadgets. No Gimmicks.

Just a horse and a human developing levels of trust, communication,
understanding and intimacy that many horse owners dream about, but few ever achieve.

If you want to learn the real cause of "horse problems," how to prevent them
and develop that enviable "oneness" with your horse, please visit

http://www.thenaturalhorse.org/ or naturalhorse101@thenaturalhorse.org

[02 Mar 2005|11:38am]


Hello everyone, first show of the season so look out for many more of these...

Show Report and Pictures!



'nuff said. [28 Dec 2004|12:06am]

devianox: you're not still riding the v-train, are ya?
Pixigrl1: Actually, i'm the mother fucking conductor. Toot, toot. 

WE ALL NEED TO TALK. [11 Dec 2004|10:22pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Girls, we need a boardie chat so badly.

<3 I honestly miss boardie backup and all of yous guys. I don't know what's going on, I don't know the boy stories, I don't know the pony stories.

Bandit is doing well. I'm trying to figure out what's the best course of action for him next year. There's a good, inexpensive barn near campus that would be perfect for him, despite the fact that it's self-care. I am thinking about selling my truck, though, and getting a car [don't laugh, but I want a Subaru WAY bad. I go from badass pickup to.. station wagon? Haha, we'll see. But I can't be driving 500 mi to school with a vehicle with almost 200,000 miles on it that gets 11 miles to the gallon, now can I? That's a little too much gas wasting for me. I still need to find a good way to get him there and back, though.. Ahhhh.

Boys are boys. I've given up on dating, but I've found other outlets for boy-desiring energy, haha, and.. yeah.. I'm really, really content right now. :D My biggest fear about college is that it's a very small school and the people there may, frankly, be a bunch of rednecks. :/ If I can find a like-minded soul in the mountains of West Texas though, that'd be cool. Right now I'm just trying to find ways to travel more.

Can we all get together sometime?!

<3 mashumz


[05 Dec 2004|05:03pm]

Hey everyone, Ellen here.

dang... Can I just say that I miss the good all days of innuendo-filled chats?

I'm off at school (Nothern Illinois University) now and no longer have AOL, so... no more TTR for me.

Anyway, I'm at school now. I dropped the idea of becoming a vet and am now studying psychology. I elected to skip the dorm experience and so I moved into a boarding house with my dog. We're happy, and all my housemates are awesome. It's been fun. I'll have two new housemates in less than two weeks. I'm kind of apprehensive, 'cause it could be bad in so many ways. It's okay though, 'cause it's only til May. I'm moving in with my trainer then.

Speaking of my trainer... it's the same one I've always had, and I still love her. We've added a few horses to the mix, had a few pregnancies, and some horrible mishaps.
She bought a gorgeous bay thoroughbred mare about two years ago, and in February, we bred her to Donavan!, this Hanoverian stallion in Wisconsin. The mare was approved for Oldenburg and Hanoverian breeding... and just recently, aborted her foal. (It was a filly, too.)

She also bought a chestnut Thoroughbred from a racing farm. He was psychotic and evil, but with a 6 month layup outside, he's mellowed out quite a bit. We restarted him, and then he fractured his shoulder. He was stalled for 4 months, and everything was fine. And then he fractured another bone (I forget which). We stalled him for another 4 months. And if any of you have ever dealt with a 6 year old energetic Thoroughbred that's used to being outside all the tine and worked daily being locked in a stall... It's like a case of TNT. He's liable to explode at any moment. He's better now, much better that's he under saddle again.

We still have her ex-jumper, Imzadi, as well as Piper and Houdini, the two appenixes. We had Imzadi's son Reve under saddle a few times, but that's on hold for now, because my trainer is PREGNANT! YAY!

Okay, enough of that. Reve is 18.2. And 5 years old. He's fricking gigantanormous. I call him Moose. Our farrier calls him "the big f*cker."

Aside from that... I'm horsehunting, sorta. I've more or less gotten the go-ahead from my dad, I just can't buy anything til after his wedding in February.


That's all. How are you all?

[04 Dec 2004|12:12pm]

Hey guys.
I'm actually looking into buying my own horse. Wtih my new job and all it's quite a possibilty but i needed to hear from all fo you first. I found a place I could pasture baord for 225 a month and ym friend has her horse there and they recieve excellent care. Any concerns for pasture boarding? AND i'd like to hear it (yeah i know them but for good measure..) how much do you guys spend per month on your horse besides board, and on what (be specific)? PLEASE reply, because this is a huge deal for me. LOVE you guys!

[30 Nov 2004|08:16pm]

For a bit there I thought you dropped off the face of the earth!! So glad to hear about the stellar GPA, i think that is really fantastic. Glad to know Rio is doing well too.

What's new... hmmm. Well, I sold mango. She is no longer my property, now belongs to a 10 year old girl who adores her and will be showing her. She is also going to be bred to a 16 hh chestnut appy stud with a blanket in February. I don't know his exact bloodlines, but they're going to name the baby "coconut" to keep with the fruity name thing. Ahhh, the legacies i leave. Haha. Anyways, they can't actually keep the baby (which makes me wonder why they're breeding in the first place) but they've offered to give it to me or my trainer. So i may have a new project when i graduate college. Oh boy ... a baby mango, the trouble i'm in for. Maybe i can make it into a polo pony ;)

Let's see. School is kicking my ass. Its starting to piss me off too because contrary to last year, i'm actually working really hard this year, haven't been partying much at all. In fact, i feel like my life consists of studying, computers, and sometimes sleep. It's very frusterating. I've been extremely depressed lately and i just feel like i've lost my direction in life and that i'm stupid and useless. I don't have my usual outlet of goign to the barn and seeign mango either because she's gone and i'm in texas. I do still have polo but i haven't been able to do that for awhile either. Plus, my complete lack of polo knowledge is beginning to bother me as well. I miss showing like hell and i miss mango even more. I feel like a large part of my life is missing. Also, my computer and aol haven't worked all semester, so i don't even have the boards to live vicariously through everyone else's showing experiences. Anyways, i'm sorry for dumping that on you guys, especially since most of us haven't talked in ages, but you guys were always there for me and i miss that alot. I'm just really sad and lonely and i just want to go home for awhile. Anyways, i still love you all and if you ever have problems, or exciting news or just want to talk, PLEASE im me, i love to hear from you.

<3 lina

[30 Nov 2004|10:58pm]

Hi, kids!

Because I like to find any reason to procrastinate with my PowerPoint presentations, I decided to fix up the userinfo and whatnot of the community, maybe try and revive the community, even. So! You guys can comment, make your own post, give a quick (or not-so-quick) update on how you and the horses are doing.

Rio's doing good! I hardly ride as of late, but I go out with my sister nearly every other day and pretty much act like the over-powering trainer that I like to pull so I can grab a big ego. Kidding! But he's good, he hasn't been shown since .. last October, actually. I'm not planning on any shows larger than the ones held at our barn, but that's alright. I've got school and whatnot on my mind at the moment. ( running with the 4.41 GPA now. 8) Rock on, senior year.)

So, how's everyone else been? Update me, please.

John Deere! [30 Nov 2004|08:07pm]

[ mood | curious ]

This question will probably seem a little random and weird, but I was wondering why you have John Deere as an interest.

See, I am writing a paper on mass media, media consumption, and more importantly consumer loyalty, with John Deere as an example. I was not planning on using LJ as a research tool, but I was intrigued by how many people included the brand/man as an interest. No names will be used; you will simply be a guide of how to direct my other research.

I have been asking many LJ users to respond, but I think the case of your specific community would be very interesting. What do you think of when you hear "John Deere"? What does "John Deere" mean to you?

So, if you could give a short response that would be great. If not, I hope you have a wonderful day!



[28 Nov 2004|03:03pm]

DUDE! I am still alive. So holla. Ok, so i havent really ridden since April?! Yeah.. :X BUT Tony (ya'll remember him, my trainer) well he's training again and judging.. he's in Florida to judge, then off to Cali to judge. How freaking nice is that? He calls me once in a while to check up on me. Makes me feel all cool. ;) Yeah when he gets back I'm suppose to ride again.. I think Fancy got sold guys.. her register changed owner names. I'm kinda scared. :( Oh well. :\

[27 Nov 2004|04:29pm]

[ mood | cold ]

[x-posted like hell]

Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 20:16:44 -0000
From: "Equine Protection Network, Inc" <epnlistmail@epix.net>
Subject: President due to sign Appro. Bill on Dec. 6th


The omnibus Appropriations Bill, which was loaded with more than a
few nasty surprises and shot gunned through Congress before
legislators or staffers had a chance to read (purportedly more than a
1,000 pages), contains a rider that will eviscerate the intent of the
l971 Wild Horse Annie Act and 'legalize and advocate' the slaughter
of America's wild horses. We need to respectfully request a line item
veto removing the wild horse rider. The vast majority (88%) of 'the
American people' do not want our wild or domesticated horses
slaughtered to fill a foreign gourmet meat demand in France, Japan
and Belgium.
READ MORECollapse )


[14 Sep 2004|03:38pm]


   Join Roses Horses    

 MSN Groups

Hello not been on for a while but loads of new pics etc on my site ^ :)

[02 Sep 2004|04:51am]
wow, three tack room posts in a row. HAHA, i just had a funny thought. what if this was a horse rating community? by the way, this is carrie. if you couldn't tell by the STUPID thing i just said. it's my birthday today and i'm 15 so i'm allowed to be retarded.

TTR. [02 Sep 2004|03:35am]

[ mood | cranky ]

i saw a post here tonight, and decided i had to follow suit.
I don't know who all's here, but I am.
(I = Adriana)
I don't know if I even know any of you anymore though...which makes me feel shy and wishing to sit in the corner...but perhaps we can make this place super lively and fabulous. *nod*
So...who's in Frances' path?


[02 Sep 2004|12:33am]

[ mood | tired ]


I didn't know there was a nifty community thingie here.. or if I did, I ultimately forgot about it until Lindsay unknowingly told me it existed.

How the heck is everyone? And who's here anyway? :x

Btw, for those of you who don't know, this is Cera ;) From forever ago.



[21 Jul 2004|09:18am]

Thought I would pop in to post a picture of me on Woodsie. He is SEXY and don't you forget it.

It's kind of distorted, but you get the idea. It's also really old so it's sort of irrelevant. I look huge on top of him in this picture .. horse poop.






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